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Understanding the difference between injury claims and lawsuits

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2021 | Car Accidents |

If you were injured in a car wreck and suffered an injury because of another party’s negligence, it’s important to maximize the financial compensation you receive for your injuries, pain and suffering. You have two options for full financial recovery at your disposal. One involves filing a claim with the involved party’s auto insurance. The other is filing a lawsuit to target the other motorist’s finances.

You may end up pursuing one or both of these options after a serious wreck. Learn more about how they work.

Personal injury insurance claims

In most cases, victims choose to seek full compensation through the other driver’s insurance company. Since insurance companies are businesses, they never want to part with money. Unfortunately, this often means delaying decisions about car accidents in hopes that you will drop your claim. It may also mean that the insurance company outright denies your claim.

We have found that most personal injury claims have a better chance of success if you have a legal advocate deal with the company on your behalf. These businesses know that attorneys are familiar with their tactics to avoid paying. As such, they may deal more fairly with a lawyer instead of a victim.

Personal injury lawsuits

There are usually two reasons that people end up filing an actual personal injury lawsuit against the culpable party: Either the insurance company won’t offer a fair settlement or the limits of the insurance policy aren’t enough to cover the victim’s losses. If the other motorist is wealthy or owns substantial assets, this legal remedy could yield the most compensation. 

Our attorneys have found that legal assistance in a personal injury lawsuit is critical. When you work with a legal professional, you have a greater chance of acquiring the compensation you need to overcome your injuries. A successful lawsuit can also replace out-of-pocket expenses associated with your injuries.

Another benefit of legal counsel in a claim or a lawsuit is having a knowledgeable advocate can help you determine which remedy is best for your situation. Please, continue reviewing our website content for additional information about Kentucky car accidents.