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Intervention may increase the risk of a birth injury

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2021 | Medical Malpractice |

Giving birth to a baby is not always straightforward. Some babies emerge with relative ease and only require a reasonable effort on the part of the mother and hospital staff. Others require added intervention by the medical staff. While this can be essential, it can also increase the chance of a birth injury occurring.

Why do medics need to intervene in births?

  • Size: A baby with a large head may cause problems for the mother to push out naturally. Doctors may decide a cesarean is a better choice for mother and child.
  • Position: Some babies sit nicely in the womb. Others are breached or in other complicated arrangements and require medics to use instruments to realign the baby before delivering it. The doctor may decide a cesarean section is the safest option.
  • Medical complications: Pre-existing medical conditions or complications during the birth process could mean medics decide to take action to safeguard mother and child. Doctors may consider a woman cannot risk pushing too hard for too long due to blood pressure issues. The baby may need to be delivered quickly because the umbilical cord has become entangled around his or her neck, restricting the oxygen supply.

Determining the cause of a birth injury requires thorough investigation. Even though a medical intervention might have been essential for the survival of your baby, doctors may have made errors or failed to take the necessary amount of care. An attorney can help if you feel your baby’s birth injury may be due to negligence. They can assess your chances of a successful medical malpractice claim and gather the evidence and medical opinions you will need to back up your case.