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What are my options after a work-related accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Many people in Greenup County work jobs where they can easily get injured.

There are many in the area who work in what are well-known as dangerous jobs, such as construction or heavy industry.

Moreover, even jobs people might not immediately think of as dangerous often lead to work-related injuries, many of which are serious or even life-altering.

Caregivers including those who work in a hospital or other medical facility, for example, face risks from hazardous material, violent patients, fatigue as well as the usual strains on the body related to walking and moving heavy objects.

Both Kentucky and West Virginia have workers’ compensation systems. However, these benefits are not available in every case. Even when they are available, there are limitations on them.

The bad news is that work comp makes it harder for employees to sue their employers after a work-related accident. But this is certainly not the end of the matter for a victim of a work-related injury:

  • Many on-the-job injuries do not involve employees but independent contractors.
  • Often, it is not just an employer who is responsible for an accident. A good example is when a person, while driving for their job, gets hit by a negligent driver. In this situation, the victim may be able to file a third-party claim against the negligent driver.

An injured worker should make sure they understand their options for recovery

The victim of a work-related injury should make sure they understand exactly what factors contributed to the injury and who is responsible for those factors.

A thorough investigation into an accident may show that another person or business besides one’s employer has legal responsibility for the worker’s losses. A successful third-party claim can help the victim and their family get on solid financial footing after a work-related accident.