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Avoid these mistakes if you are charged with domestic violence 

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Criminal Law |

Being caught up in a domestic violence situation is a grave matter that Kentucky courts take very seriously. Unfortunately, one of the challenges people who are accused of domestic violence face is the court of public opinion often declare them guilty long before going through due process. 

If you are indicted and charged with domestic violence, it is in your best interest that you figure out how to defend yourself. And as you do, it is equally crucial that you avoid missteps that can derail your case. Here are costly mistakes you need to avoid when facing domestic violence charges.

Getting in touch with your accuser

As soon as you are formally indicted for domestic violence, there is a good chance the court will issue an order of protection against you. This order will restrict how close you can come to your accuser. It is extremely crucial that you abide by the protection order.

You may feel remorseful over your actions and decide to reach out to your accuser to apologize and make things right. Or, you may feel there is a misunderstanding and, thus, want to straighten things up with your accuser. Either way, contacting your accuser directly or indirectly when the restraining order prohibits you from doing so amounts to contempt, and this will only worsen your case. 

Discussing your case online

The order of protection might bar you from contacting your accuser, but this doesn’t mean that you can take to social media to address the domestic violence allegations against you. Threatening or mocking your accuser online or in private conversations can only complicate matters for you. Remember, what you share online can be used against you in court. As a rule of thumb, keep quiet for as long as the domestic violence case against you is active. 

A domestic violence charge can impact your life in a variety of ways. If you are charged with domestic violence in Kentucky, you need to take appropriate steps to safeguard your rights and fight the charges you are facing.