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Can you claim self-defense in response to assault charges?

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2022 | Criminal Law |

Kentucky has multiple different degrees of assault charges. Depending on what happened in the interaction and the impact on the other person involved, you may face misdemeanor or felony charges because of a physical altercation.

An assault conviction could mean fines and jail time. It could affect your career as well as a criminal record will hurt your chances when you apply for a job.

Can you potentially claim self-defense if the state charges you with an assault offense?

Claiming self-defense is a viable defense strategy

Generally speaking, it is illegal to use physical force to harm another person on purpose. You can face charges if you cause injury to someone else with your own body, an object or a weapon. Still, there are situations in which the use of physical force is legal.

Kentucky law contains specific provisions allowing for the use of physical force and even deadly force to protect an individual, their property or third parties. By mounting an affirmative defense, you don’t need to prove that you weren’t involved or that you didn’t hurt the other person. Instead, you need to show the courts that you acted legally to protect yourself.

You could claim that your actions were really self-defense if someone else attacked you and you needed to protect yourself. You could also claim self-defense if you wanted to stop a carjacking or a home invasion or if you act to protect someone else.

Defending against violent criminal charges can help you avoid jail, fines and other penalties that could have a lasting impact on your future.