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Distractions from being lost can lead to crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Car Accidents |

Located on the south bank of the Ohio River, Russell is a beautiful place to call home. Many people enjoy coming to the area to spend time at the river and to take a scenic route.

Unfortunately, car crashes can and do happen in this region. Along Seaton Avenue, in particular, and KY-224 entering Ironton-Russell Bridge, people are more likely to crash as they rush to cross into Ohio or get home to Kentucky or West Virginia.

This area is so close to where all the borders meet that it’s not unusual to see travelers coming through who are not familiar with the roads. Those people may cause collisions with locals.

Being unfamiliar with a road can cause problems for drivers

It is distracting not to know where you’re going. Although the roads are familiar to those living in Russell, they’re not as easy to navigate for outsiders. This can pose a major problem as people drive too slowly while looking for a destination or enter the wrong lane when making an unusual turn. Taking turns too quickly or entering an area where traffic shouldn’t go are issues that may be a result of being unfamiliar with an area.

What should you do if you see a driver acting oddly on the roads?

If you see a driver who is slowing down, stopping, going too fast or who appears to be distracted, it’s a good idea to call the local police or 911. Stopping them may be an inconvenience, but it could also help them reroute to where they want to go safely.

Getting lost is a common cause of distractions for drivers, and they may end up causing a collision because of not paying attention to what’s going on in front of them. This, as well as distractions from trying to use a GPS system or phone to call out for directions, makes the roads in this area more dangerous.

If you’re hit by someone who has been driving too quickly or who was distracted by not knowing the area, you can hold them accountable. Drivers have a responsibility to be safe when they’re on the roads and should pull over if they need to reassess their location.