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5 people you need to speak to after a car crash

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2021 | Car Accidents |

A car crash could leave you in shock. It can cloud your ability to think clearly. You might think the most important thing is to hurry to work for the crucial business meeting or get to school on time to collect your child. You might not even realize you are covered in blood. There are a few things that need to take priority.

Failing to talk to the people you need to in a car crash can lead to problems

Be sure to talk to the following five sets of people after a car crash:

  • The police: Failing to call the police could lead to charges. You must always call them if there is an injury or death or over $500 worth of property damage.
  • Any witnesses: These may not want to hang around for long, yet they could be crucial to support your claim. Ask them for their contact details before they disappear.
  • Your insurance company: Insurers expect you to inform them soon after a crash. They may refuse your claim if you leave it too long.
  • A doctor: If you wish to claim for injuries incurred in the crash, you will need proof they resulted from the collision. A medical check-up provides this proof and may also spot injuries you did not notice.
  • An attorney: Personal injury protection gives limited coverage. Kentucky is a no-fault state. Yet you may need to prove fault to receive the compensation you need.

You should also ring a family member or friend to come and get you after a crash. They can help you make the calls you need. If you drive yourself when in shock, it could result in further injury.